Press Notices

‘Most cleverly got up. Irresistibly funny’—Pall Mall Gazette

‘Perfect of its kind; ought never to stand on any meaner support than a masterpiece of Chippendale’—Graphic

‘Mr. Crawhall seems to have a perfect genius for catching the spirit of these old engravings’—Whitehall Review

‘The book of the season: it is a genuine pleasure merely to turn over its pages’—Echo

‘For the antiquarian to study, for the collector to preserve, and for the artist to admire’—Bazaar

‘Reproduced with surprising fidelity and archaic beauty’—Leeds Mercury

‘A treat to the lovers of the humorous and grotesque. The fruits of an ingenious study of the rude art pressed into the service of the Ballad-seller’—Newcastle Journal

‘No words can convey an adequate idea of its contents…Published at 25 shillings, and in course of a few years will probably be worth as many pounds’—Paper and Printing Trades Journal

Press Notices of Crawhall’s Chap-book Chaplets as reproduced in A Jubilee Thought, 1887