Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted

Selected spreads from Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted, hardbound collection of 14 of the 17 ballads which comprise Chap-book Chaplets and Olde Ffrendes wyth Newe Faces published 1883 by Field & Tuer of London and printed at ‘Ye’ Leadenhall Press. A hefty and beautiful edition. Some woodcuts featured in a noticably different style from JCII are by his then-young son Joseph Crawhall III, who went on to become one of the ‘Glasgow Boys’ school of painters and a notable watercolourist of animals. Careful attention to detail in layout and production is clear here—note the tricks played with show-through in some of the frontispieces within the chapbooks (images 5,8,14,35).

1883 uncoloured edition, private collection of A.Gilhespy